PKSCA Programs

  • Participation in the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade
    Each year since 1989 Portland and Kaohsiung have jointly sponsored a beautiful and often prize winning float.  The parade unit has included a music and dance group from Shu-Te High School in Kaohsiung.  Also included is a VIP convertible, carrying the Kaohsiung Mayor or a designated delegation leader.

  • The Awakening of the Dragon and Eye Dotting Ceremony
    This event officially opens the Dragon Boat season in early April.  Monks conduct a formal Buddhist ceremony and bless the dragon boats.  Included in the event is a traditional and colorful lion dance, the formal dotting of the eyes of the dragon boats by local dignitaries, and a parade of dragon boats with the Portland Fire Boat display in the background.

  • The Host Family Program for 60 high school girls from Shu-Te High School in Kaohsiung
    Host families across the Portland area provide an American home experience for two lovely and talented musicians and dancers who stay one week to tour and perform.  Many families keep in touch with their girls for many years and have visited them in Taiwan and here in the USA.  This is a wonderful first hand cultural experience for both host families and the Shu-Te students.

  • Annual Good Will Delegation to and from Kaohsiung
    Each year an official City Delegation from Portland visits Kaohsiung for several days.  The delegation is made up of city officials, civic leaders, Portland Rose Festival Queen and board members, and members of the PKSCA Board.  In June the City of Portland and the PKSCA Board hosts a delegation from Kaohsiung.  The delegation is made up of city officials, civic leaders, and Shu-Te High School staff and students.  These visits provide first-hand contact among civic and government leaders and increase understanding of each other’s city.